Immersive event staging

The technology specialists of our partner firm Habegger accompany your events with modern technology, a lot of experience and passion. Ranging from light design, video and audio technology to event content – Habegger creates a harmonious overall appearance for your event.

Habegger introduces itself:
Habegger develops, plans and realizes media experiences. As one of the leading service companies Habegger implements over 1500 local and international events, exhibitions as well as architectural productions every year. Thanks to 30 years of experience in the areas of event technology, interior and interaction design, digital signage and film-/TV production and the commitment of 140 employees our projects leave a lasting impression.

Immersive Events
Thanks to the optimum combination of technology and content, we stage events and design experiences using integrated dramatic elements and digital creations.

Media Architecture
Harnessing the power of light, colours, shapes, images and sounds, we create multisensory impressions and use interaction to enhance the overall effect.

Film / TV
Moving images magically attract attention and evoke powerful emotions. Using films, we tell stories that remain in people’s memories.

Venue Service
The right infrastructure and spatial design determine the attractiveness and rentability of an event location. We plan and operate the event technology for venues.

Facts & Figures:

  • 130 Full time employees (CH)
  • 10’950 Freelancer (in one year)
  • 20 Years of experience
  • 1’500 projects annually for 500 customers
More information: