• Spacious, spectacular Forum

    2000 square metres high above the rooftops of beautiful Bern – a superb and stylish setting for receptions, aperitifs and exhibitions.
  • Kursaal Bern – best for business, perfect for pleasure

    Make the most of your visit to beautiful Bern – discover the many delights of our 4-star lifestyle Hotel Allegro.
  • Best for business – and perfect for pleasure

    The Kursaal Bern offers the finest facilities for a remarkable range of professional and private festivities and functions.
  • Take a break

    Beautiful views and our meeting snacks – the ideal way to help you relax.
  • The perfect setting for encounters of every kind

    Whether a congress with up to 1500 delegates – or small select meetings for a few participants.
  • Even the best ideas need space to evolve

    Our meeting rooms offer an attractive ambience for meetings and workshops.
  • Bellavista rooms – for the perfect perspective

    Ideal rooms for successful meetings, discussions and workshops.
  • Multifunctional Mezzo

    Depending on decoration, seating and lighting, the multifunctional Mezzo can serve as a conference venue, festive banqueting room, or party location.
  • Your top Swiss event address

    The Kursaal Bern comprises an attractive range of light, airy and multifunctional rooms for up to 1500 guests.
  • Perfect perspectives for guests and event organizers

    Even a Kursaal Bern coffee break is a memorable experience in such a scenic setting.