The Kursaal as an employer

The Kursaal Bern & Hotel Allegro offer attractive employment opportunities with promising career prospects. Progressive working conditions, opportunity for initiative, professional and personal advancement, are as important to us as motivated teamwork, a positive and pleasant working climate.

Getting started

To help new members of staff feel at home when they join our team, each newcomer initially has a "mentor". This person will be an experienced member of staff familiar with the duties to be 
accomplished. During this trial period the "mentor" is readily
available for internal advice and assistance.


Qualification interviews with staff are held every year. During these interviews, each member of staff is offered the opportunity to express his or her requests concerning training. These can range from daily internal on-the-job training to external advanced training. All training programmes and projects are intended to assist  and support members of staff in their work enhancement, and to improve their personal and professional competences.

Career planning

The Kursaal Bern & Hotel Allegro offer members of staff attractive long-term opportunities for promotion, professional enhancement and career success. Our various programmes are intended to assist staff in developing their personal commitment, professional initiative and work responsibility beyond their current field of functions.

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